Sunday, March 13, 2011

Details, details, details

With the wedding less than 3 weeks away, my life is ruled by details!  Details also happened to be the LAST challenge from A Compendium of Curiosities hosted by Linda at Studio L3.  For our final challenge we were instructed to turn to page 67 for Design Details.

Design details come in all shapes and sizes.  Here is a project I created in a Tim class in June 2009 using the techniques in the book.

Other design details are not quite so obvious as the stitching, unless you have something to compare it to.  Do you ever play the "can you name the differences between the pictures" game?  Well here's your chance! There are differences or design details added to the 2nd photo!  

Don't worry, I will give the answers!  The card on the right are the ones I made for my daughter to use as "thank yous" for her shower.  (Her shower was a tea party with everyone getting dressed up including hats!  It was great fun!)

I did it!  I made all 35 challenges and posted for each week!  My journal is not completely up to date, but there is a project for each week waiting to be added!

When Linda at StudioL3 announces the winner of the 35th CCC she is going to announce something else too! Make sure you take a look at her blog (she has hints on her week 35 project!).

Have a fabulous week!


The answers to the differences -
1) the tea cup on the right has a gold added around the rim of the cup and saucer as well as the cup handle
2) the edges of the white square are inked with Tumbled Glass distress ink
3) the edges of the light blue mat (under the white square) are inked with Faded Jeans distress ink
4) the "thank you" strip is placed higher on the card
5) lace under the thank you strip
6) the edges of the "thank you" strip are inked with Tumbled Glass distress ink
7) the edges of the mat under the "thank you" strip are inked with Faded Jeans distress ink

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can't imagine why, can you?

On Tuesday evening, I worked on CCC 34!  I left it on my work table to dry.  Since Tuesday I've worked on other stuff, mostly wedding stuff (as I write this we are down to 3 weeks and 5 days!  How does time slip away so quickly?).   The studio is also becoming my greenhouse for the wedding since I am trying to create an enchanted jungle.  Then I happened to drop by  a store that had some plants on sale for half price that I had to get.

Today (Sunday) I realized I had not posted yet, partly because I was not happy with the way my fragment came out and partly I've been busy with other stuff.  It wasn't the directions on page 63  of A Compendium of Curiosities for Dimensional Collage Fragment technique because as all of the instructions in book they are very clear and nicely illustrated.  The problem was my execution of the technique.  The reason I wasn't too happy with it was because the flower I used got under another element and you can't tell it's a flower.   Even though I don't care for it much I was going to show it to you anyway along with some I made a couple of years ago when Tim was in town.  So I went to my studio to get the fragment and I couldn't find it.  I did look,  but it was nowhere to be found.  I am sure when I clean (no Chris, I did not get as far as cleaning the studio yesterday! lol) I will find it so I can add it to my journal I making for all the challenges.  

Do you see it sitting on the table?
Can't imagine why I can't find the fragment, can you?

The flowers (Cyclamens) are my latest purchase, well except for the ferns I bought today, but they are still in the van and are going to live in the office until the wedding.   Directly behind the chair is this view:

Like I said, the studio is turning into a greenhouse!  There are more plants outside  plus a friend has a nursery and he is going to loan some "background" plants for the wedding.  An then there is the friend at work who is going to be doing some landscaping and will let me use his plants before he puts them in the ground!  I am also working on one of the stores to see if I can rent a 6' waterfall!

OK back to the Dimensional Collage Fragment.  I found the ones I made for the project with Tim. (Perhaps "found" is not the right verb as it is on display in the studio!)  This started as a plain framed IKEA mirror!  There are 6 dimensional collage  fragments in this project - one in each of the lower corners, one above the center of the mirror and one on each the left & right upper edge of the mirror.  There is another one on the bottom right edge of the mirror.  The key in the fragment  to the upper left of the mirror started as a flat metal key, but as time has gone by, it reacted with something and turned turquoise!  It was quite interesting watching it change as it started at one end and slowly went to the other.

Hope you have a fabulous week!