Friday, April 30, 2010

Going away. . .

no, not me (sorry you are stuck with me) but Bob at work received a promotion and is going to another department.  I made him this going away card.

When making cards for the office, I learned long ago not to make "just" a card because I would have to argue with people to sign it.  It wasn't that they didn't like the card (or the person for that matter) but they were afraid of "ruining" the card.  So now when I make cards for the office, I make cards with "tags".  People are happy to write a message and sign a tag.

Since  Bob LOVES coupons (he loves "free" even more) I came up with the "savings" book.  It is made out of grungepaper inked with LOTS of Distress Ink - I think I used all the blues - both old and new. For the "savings" on the front I used the "drunken Aleene's" technique on grungeboard letters, the "memories and "book" are both rub-ons.  I made pockets on both the front and back covers for the "coupons".  The coupons were created by SUPER Kate - my student assistance. (She is awesome and very talented!)  She designed 4 different coupons!

You can't see it in these two photos but I even used a sewing machine!  (Frist time ever using a sewing on a  paper project!)  I used it to bind the card (there are actually 2 sheets/4 pages in the card) and I used it to sew the tab on too!  Not sure that I like using the sewing machine. I have a layout design rolling around in my head that will need to be sewn.  So, I thought I would practice a bit in case I decide to create the layout.

Thanks for sending me the photos Bob.  (I seem to always forgot to take pictures after I finish cards and before they are given to the recipients.)  Good luck with your new job - you will be awesome!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

One of the many treasures I found going through my mom's stuff is this tablecloth.

I am not sure if my grandma or mom made it, or someone else for that matter.  (I've sent a note to my aunts to see if they recognize it.)   IAs you can see it has lots of stains so  I am pretty sure I won't use it for it's intended purpose.   What I am thinking about doing is cutting it into pieces and using them in projects.   I am not 100% sure I can bear to cut it but at the same time I know it is silly just to keep it tucked away someplace where it will never been seen. 

Have you ever had this dilemma?  If so how did you deal with it?  How do you use vintage linens in projects?   Any help, suggestions, ideas, encouragments, etc., would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

take care,


Friday, April 23, 2010

More challenges completed!!

I completed more 4 challenges!  I don't get much time in my studio as it has been converted to a bedroom for the moment too, so I made ATCs!  My daughter who is staying in my studio will be leaving in 10 short days to head to Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas for 4 months of training.  She just completed 4 years in the Air Force and is now in the Reserves.

I started by combining several GingerSnaps Creations challenges.  I combined GCSP3  Blue Moon Challenge - Take on a Tutorial with a little GC50 -.Found Objects and a little GC 51 Botanicals. 

I used the ATC Tutorial by Susan Briss and made these 2 ATCs.   The way this really started was I started cleaning my work table.  I found everything with the exception of the woman on my worktable and the words.  The black backing was scraps as was the background paper I had created for another  project.  The pick-up was leftover from something, who knows what.  The flowers, gem stone and copper wire "stem" were in the pile of things to put away.  The "best" found object is the flower pot!  It was a left over piece from the Eiffel Tower in the card in the previous post!  I had used it to test colors.  The flower is "Botanicals", but I usually think "old fashion" when I think of botanicals so I may try to create something a little more old fashion for GC51.

 I completed Tuesday Taggers Dragons, Dragons Everywhere challenge.  I read Eileen's blog where she has mentioned the "Drunken Scotch" technique and gave a brief description on how to do it.  I read it in the morning.  I created the ATC in the evening without re-reading the description until AFTER I tried it.  Then I googled for complete directions.  The heat gun didn't make it to the glue until the glue had started to dry, and I didn't use Scotch brand glue, I used "Aleene's" Tacky Glue and various Alcohol Inks  (does that  mean I used the "Drunken Aleene Technique"? lol)  I used the technique as the frame. The background paper is courtesy of Astrid, she some free backgrounds on her blog!  The "ready to roll" came out of a magazine, I just added a little ink to age it a bit.  It's hard to tell in this photo, but the dragon is mounted on foam tape in the attempted to make it look like he is coming out of the frame.

And last but not least for today, I created an ATC for Art Creations Friday's challenge 71!  The image of the little girl  is on their blog, the background is another one from Astrid.  To me the little girl has such hope that she gets to go play in the water and sand down by the ocean!  The sand by her feet is a blend of Distress Stickles.

I am in the process of making my first ever easel card, maybe I will have something to show you later this weekend!   Hope you all have a great weekend!  Take care,


Saturday, April 17, 2010

A completed challenge

I was surfing blogland today trying to get some inspiration or maybe just passing some time while my studio was occupied with a sleeping daughter.  A couple  of the blogs I frequent are Lynn Steven's Trash to Treasure Art and Hels Sheridan's Ink on My Fingers.   Both are on the Design Team for Gingersnap Creations both always have awesome projects and of course links to the Gingersnap Creations challenges.  Today I decided I was going to attempt one of the challenges, I had 5 to choose from!

Before I could decide which one I was going to try, my husband and I decided to go for a drive up to Jackson and wander around old town.  We wandered around town, looking here and there.  It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country and walking around.  By the time we left though, I was getting a headache.  We stopped for gas and I got some Excedrin.  When we were on the road again I put my hat on, pulled low over my eyes, closed my eyes, and contemplated which challenge I would do.  By the time we got home I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

It turns out the challenge I chose was GC 47: Color Challenge - Copper, Ginger or Rust - which ends on April 18.  Made it, just in time!

For the Eiffel Tower I used the Sizzix Bigz Eiffel Tower on Grungeboard which I inked with Rusty Hinge Distress Ink,  I wrapped copper wire around it, added some mini brads then smashed everything down with a hammer.  All the background paper is from my scrap box. Even thoug it is hard to see here, the card has little flecks of rust and ginger on an off-white background.  

So there you have it - my first Gingersnap Creations challenge!    I have quite a few more challenges I want to try, so stay tuned!


Friday, April 16, 2010


We had a beautiful spring day today!  Hunter came by to see if Max could play.  Since we had nothing pressing, I let Max go out to play!   They ran up and down the street chasing each other (we have very little traffic on our street), retrieiving the ball and playing in the sprinkler!  (Max is our Golden Retriever and Hunter is the neighbor's Black Lab.)

I stopped by Stampers' Corner earlier in the day, I needed some "special" paper for some cards I am designing and spent some time wandering around the store.  I had my camera with me and took some pictures!  I have not been published, but I have some roses on display!  It's a great feeling to one's work displayed!

And as long as I was there, I took a picture of Tim's corner too. . . well most of his corner, I couldn't quite get everything in one shot. lol

As I took the picture, I was standing next to the display unit with the Alteration dies. You can see some of the re-inkers on the left, further to the left are all the Distress Ink Pads and Crackle Paints as well as more Dabbers.  On the shelves above the products are some of the things Carol and Mike (the store owners) have made at various classes and workshop they have taken with Tim.  Definitely LOTS of eye candy and inspiration!  If you are ever driving up or down Highway 99 in Elk Grove, it's well worth the short side trip (just over a mile).  If you are on I-5 it's about 9 miles to the store. . .still well worth it!

Haven't had much time in the studio. (I was sick the week of Aprl 5 and still trying to get up to par this past week, think I am OK now!)   I plan on having some quality studio time this weekend!  Hope you get time to play too!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

leavin' on a jet plane

Well, we're not leavin' until September 29, but I bought tickets today to head east for THE cruise!!!  Southwest is having FABULOUS deals through tomorrow (Thursday).  Roundtrip to LaGuardia (<20 miles and 41 minutes from the port in NJ) with tax and fees for under $315 roundtrip INCLUDING 2, yes TWO checked bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And from previous experience we will DEFINITELY need that 2nd bag coming home!  Charlene forwarded an e-mail from Southwest, when I got home and went online to the SW site, the tickets were $5. less each way than the advertise price!!! I immediately called Charlene, we talked for a couple of minutes and I booked us before we hung up!   Since I paid about $185 last October to fly  to LAX from Sacramento and back for that cruise, I figured we just got a GREAT deal!

If  you are goin' on the cruise and you have Southwest at an airport near you, you might want to check to see if they are having a great deal for you too, but HURRY, the sale ends sometime Thursday, April 8, 2010.

Only 173 days and some odd hours. (The counter at the top is off by a few hours, I haven't figured out how to change it yet, but I will this weekend!)

Have a fabulous day/weekend!

Take care,

PS - In case you are wondering, "THE cruise" I am talking about is the Tim Holtz' Canada and New England Cruise.  Check out ScrapMap for details!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


As I made more thank you cards, I decided the top right corner needed "something".  So I thought and thought and decided butterflies would work.  While at JoAnn's I found some K & Company butterflies in a wedding display.  They were perfect. . .except they were white under the transparent wing.  I decided a little swipe of color would work.   I am happy to say it did (even though in the image below the extra color is really hard to see, there is a little purple noticeable on the lower left wing.)! 
As I added butterflies to the cards, I thought, "hmmm, what else can I do?"  (I only bought 1 pack of 12 butterflies and had 18 cards).   Mom really liked flowers so I decided on a flower.  But a flower by itself was not enough, so I tried a few more ideas and here's the results! 

Then I started thinking about the envelopes and decided to add a little something to them too! 

When you decorate envelopes do you decorate both sides or just the front?  The cards are done and mostly addressed and will be in the mail on Monday.

I have a whole list of projects I want to tackle, so maybe later today I will be able to escape to the studio and play a bit before we leave for dinner.

Happpy Easter!