Friday, April 30, 2010

Going away. . .

no, not me (sorry you are stuck with me) but Bob at work received a promotion and is going to another department.  I made him this going away card.

When making cards for the office, I learned long ago not to make "just" a card because I would have to argue with people to sign it.  It wasn't that they didn't like the card (or the person for that matter) but they were afraid of "ruining" the card.  So now when I make cards for the office, I make cards with "tags".  People are happy to write a message and sign a tag.

Since  Bob LOVES coupons (he loves "free" even more) I came up with the "savings" book.  It is made out of grungepaper inked with LOTS of Distress Ink - I think I used all the blues - both old and new. For the "savings" on the front I used the "drunken Aleene's" technique on grungeboard letters, the "memories and "book" are both rub-ons.  I made pockets on both the front and back covers for the "coupons".  The coupons were created by SUPER Kate - my student assistance. (She is awesome and very talented!)  She designed 4 different coupons!

You can't see it in these two photos but I even used a sewing machine!  (Frist time ever using a sewing on a  paper project!)  I used it to bind the card (there are actually 2 sheets/4 pages in the card) and I used it to sew the tab on too!  Not sure that I like using the sewing machine. I have a layout design rolling around in my head that will need to be sewn.  So, I thought I would practice a bit in case I decide to create the layout.

Thanks for sending me the photos Bob.  (I seem to always forgot to take pictures after I finish cards and before they are given to the recipients.)  Good luck with your new job - you will be awesome!

Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. This is an awesome gift, love all the blue! Those tags are a GREAT idea! He'll love it!