Sunday, April 25, 2010

One of the many treasures I found going through my mom's stuff is this tablecloth.

I am not sure if my grandma or mom made it, or someone else for that matter.  (I've sent a note to my aunts to see if they recognize it.)   IAs you can see it has lots of stains so  I am pretty sure I won't use it for it's intended purpose.   What I am thinking about doing is cutting it into pieces and using them in projects.   I am not 100% sure I can bear to cut it but at the same time I know it is silly just to keep it tucked away someplace where it will never been seen. 

Have you ever had this dilemma?  If so how did you deal with it?  How do you use vintage linens in projects?   Any help, suggestions, ideas, encouragments, etc., would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

take care,



  1. These are really great, and I agree, you should use them in a project. I have some myself, that, like you, I can't bear to cut up or have no idea how to use them in a project. Sherry Goodloe might have a good idea, though, she uses vintage fabrics quite a bit.

  2. I have sent you some links to some creative ideas for using vintage tablecloths that are stained and/or tattered. I think you will feel better about cutting up your mom's tablecloth if you can repurpose it and create some pieces you can live with *smiles*.