Friday, April 16, 2010


We had a beautiful spring day today!  Hunter came by to see if Max could play.  Since we had nothing pressing, I let Max go out to play!   They ran up and down the street chasing each other (we have very little traffic on our street), retrieiving the ball and playing in the sprinkler!  (Max is our Golden Retriever and Hunter is the neighbor's Black Lab.)

I stopped by Stampers' Corner earlier in the day, I needed some "special" paper for some cards I am designing and spent some time wandering around the store.  I had my camera with me and took some pictures!  I have not been published, but I have some roses on display!  It's a great feeling to one's work displayed!

And as long as I was there, I took a picture of Tim's corner too. . . well most of his corner, I couldn't quite get everything in one shot. lol

As I took the picture, I was standing next to the display unit with the Alteration dies. You can see some of the re-inkers on the left, further to the left are all the Distress Ink Pads and Crackle Paints as well as more Dabbers.  On the shelves above the products are some of the things Carol and Mike (the store owners) have made at various classes and workshop they have taken with Tim.  Definitely LOTS of eye candy and inspiration!  If you are ever driving up or down Highway 99 in Elk Grove, it's well worth the short side trip (just over a mile).  If you are on I-5 it's about 9 miles to the store. . .still well worth it!

Haven't had much time in the studio. (I was sick the week of Aprl 5 and still trying to get up to par this past week, think I am OK now!)   I plan on having some quality studio time this weekend!  Hope you get time to play too!


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  1. Awww, too cute! We have a black lab, big oaf, but I love him to death. Wowza, if I'm out that way, I'll stop by the store!