Sunday, April 4, 2010


As I made more thank you cards, I decided the top right corner needed "something".  So I thought and thought and decided butterflies would work.  While at JoAnn's I found some K & Company butterflies in a wedding display.  They were perfect. . .except they were white under the transparent wing.  I decided a little swipe of color would work.   I am happy to say it did (even though in the image below the extra color is really hard to see, there is a little purple noticeable on the lower left wing.)! 
As I added butterflies to the cards, I thought, "hmmm, what else can I do?"  (I only bought 1 pack of 12 butterflies and had 18 cards).   Mom really liked flowers so I decided on a flower.  But a flower by itself was not enough, so I tried a few more ideas and here's the results! 

Then I started thinking about the envelopes and decided to add a little something to them too! 

When you decorate envelopes do you decorate both sides or just the front?  The cards are done and mostly addressed and will be in the mail on Monday.

I have a whole list of projects I want to tackle, so maybe later today I will be able to escape to the studio and play a bit before we leave for dinner.

Happpy Easter!


  1. Hey, did you notice only 175 days till cruise time? Can you believe it? These cards are awesome, Linda, and I like how you altered your finds from the store, isn't that fun? Decorating envies is something I don't usually do, because well, I'm usually lucky if I remember to grab the card before I leave for

  2. TFS Linda! Some very nice touches to dress up the cards. When I decorate an envy, I've only done the front but you've got me thinking, hmmmm?

  3. I'm like Lori . . .doing good to grab the card before heading to the post office! LOL But when I DO decorate an envelope, I usually just do the front side now that I think about it. That is, unless I've made an envelope out of a magazine page - then ALL sides are decorated *hee hee*

    Hey Linda, send me your e-mail address when you get a minute.