Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remember me?

Where have I been you wonder?  Well, wonder no more!

I survived the wedding!  Survived all 9 people, 2 animals and a gazillion plants living in our house for at least 2 weeks (normally there are only 3 people, 2 animals and a few plants) plus all the visitors (a couple of times with 20 plus at a time) coming and going!  I survived going back to work for a few days, then decided to get sick for about a week.  Yesterday (Tuesday, 4/19) the first day, I made it through and felt like myself!!!  It's a great feeling!

The wedding was wonderful!

Kristine, Randy and entire wedding party

Randy, Kristine, Izzy and Brandon

Randy, Kristine, Betty (Dave's Mom), me, Dave, Brandon & Izzy

The reception was fabulous
Kristine & Randy arriving at the reception

Teresita & Charlene's creativity!
Then it was time for the first dance -

 What is wrong with the groom?
 The bride seems so composed.

Seems there was a little confusion when the DJ started the music for the first dance. . . it was supposed to be "You Got a Friend in Me" but some how a Gregorian Chant started playing.  Can't imagine how that happened (they did choose April 1 as their wedding date! lol)  

After getting the bride and groom off on their honeymoon early Saturday afternoon,  

        Charlene and Chris, the most fantastic friends ever, kidnapped me for a couple of days!  First we headed over to the Harley Davidson store to get Chris's husband a tee-shirt.  The only problem was the Harley store was having some kind of event including a live band and there were LOTS of people so we didn't stop. (That just means you have to come back out Chris! lol) Then we explored Old Sacramento, had dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant - Frank Fats on L Street, went back to Charlene's place had a drink and that I think that was the night they had to wake me up to go to bed! lol.  

On Sunday morning, we went out for breakfast then headed to the coast and ended up in Bodega Bay!  Had a fabulous dinner at The Tides (anyone remember Alfred Hitchcocks' "The Birds"?   It was filmed in Bodega Bay.) We had a fabulous time and I enjoyed the "girl time" with just us girls!

I am going to end this post now because if I don't it will be another day or two until I get it posted and its already been too long.  

I have some exciting news to share in my next post!  Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Looks like a fabulous wedding, Linda, and glad to hear you survived! How nice of your friends to take you away for a day or two! Can't wait to hear the news!

  2. I'm pretty sure I can arrange to "come back" again! :-) Was honored to be part of such a special event.
    So! You have exciting news. And you are going to leave us HANGING??????????? GRRRRRRRRR LOL
    PS Sorry you have been under the weather. Glad you are getting back to feeling like yourself!