Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twisted Sketches #83 and a neighbor

Just as I was adjusting to an empty nest and accepting the "new" normal, I got the flu and the new normal was interrupted once again.    Well I've recovered from the flu and getting back in the flow of things! 

The twist for Twisted Card Sketch  #83 is black!  (You can click on the link to see the sketch and get some inspiration from the design team.)

Here is my take on the sketch

This is not exactly as I had planned. . .I had plastic letters that spelled "BOO", but sometime between "auditioning" the letters and adhering them to the card, one of the "o's" walked away.  I spent 30 or so frustrating minutes trying to find that sneaky little "o", but to no avail, so I had to rethink the card.  I incorporated pitch black Adironack dabber paint for the twist.  I used it to edge the card and elements (instead of ink)!

Now, I have to show you my neighbor.  She is adorable!  The other day I was getting ready to go somewhere and opened the front door and there she was! She gave me a quick look and just continued her chores!

The surprising thing is she was only about 10 feet away while both the front door and screen doors were open and Max (our Golden Retriever) was at the opening with me!  

Hope you have a fabulous autumn weekend!


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  1. Love your Halloween card and the pictures of your new neighbour is delightful, xx Glad to hear you are feeling better