Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick post for Paper Craft Island challenge

Have you dropped by the Paper Craft Island Blog yet?  It's a new challenge blog started by Kimi, it kinda like "Survivor" only for crafty people! lol  Those of us just hangin' out on the beach get to vote on the the projects each week.  The cool thing is the contestants are all anonymous!  The fun just started a few weeks ago, so go take a look.

This week there is a reward challenge for the shipwrecked (that would be all of us who are not the contestants).  The challenge this week was to make a birthday card for a 10 year girl, so here is my card!

Hope you like and will drop on by the Paper Craft Island and hang out for a while!


  1. OH MY!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! How adorable and totally different!!! Good Luck and thanks for playing! :)

    Hugs from the Island ♥

    1. You are in the wrong profession!!!!!! Unbelievably talented! I LOVE this card!

  2. wow your card is terrific Linda, x

  3. LOVE it!! We need to make some more pop-ups cards. They are so fun.....