Monday, August 2, 2010

Trip Planner

If you read the comments on this post, Charlene was right.  She knows the secret and it's all hers! 

It all started with a simple plan based on some light harassment.   The "light harassment" came from me, not that I make it a habit to harass or tease you understand.  It was just an odd moment for me, really.  The recipient was Charlene!

Charlene & I were talking about the cruise and things that we needed to do, plan, prepare, etc.  She said something about making lists and having everything planned out so she knows what she is doing and when she is supposed to do it. As she says, she is not the spontaneous sort. Me on the other hand, I can go either way, plan it or wing it. . . once the  vacation is planned and I know the general plan, I usually switch to wing it mode.  One thing lead to another (this was over a couple of weeks) and I told her to hold off on a planner.  This was probably sometime in June.

Luckily for me, Charlene had a trip to ComicCon a couple of weeks ago, so that was distracting her (at least I hope it was) from the fact I hadn't come through with the planner.  Since she got back, I reminder her not to get a planner.  I have worked on it steadily, but it just kept growing, and Growing and GROWING!!!   Even as I was putting finishing touches on it Sunday, I thought of and added 2 more elements!

I am happy to say on Sunday, August 1, she finally got her planner!  The original idea was to buy a binder, alter it a bit and hand it over.  That lasted as long as it took me to go to a couple of stores, looked at what was available, and decide that I  could use my bind-it-all and make something much better.  Simple, but better.

I started with a composition book and tore it apart - literally.  I wanted the covers for the journal.  I covered the front with grungepaper AFTER I applied the CCC Week 4 technique to it.  I also ran the (horizontal) center through my  Sizzix "Burlap" Texture Fade, added the label, dusted off my Fastenator, applied some alcohol ink to the fastener and came up with this. 

Not all the tabs are visible, but there are 16, one for each day we are gone plus one to get "ready", "set", and "go".  Don't worry, I am not showing  you everything, just my favorites. . . I will leave some for Charlene to show on her blog too!   Like I said, the planner kept growing, and there are not bind-it-all wires that are big enough, so then the plan was to use Tim's "D-rings".  Guess what? They weren't big enough either.  I ended up using  "giant" (3" binder) rings!

In addition to each tab, I included a pocket on the back of each tab, at least 4 pages for notes and journaling, confirmations we have already received (i.e., ship's itinerary) and a page for photos.  One other feature, since this is a rather "lumpy" book and writing in would be difficult, I made a portable "writing table" that can be slipped under the page she is writing on!

Even though it took me forever to complete, it was a fun project!  I used lots of techniques, some tried and true like "smooshing" (distress ink & water or alcohol inks on the craft mat then smoosh the paper into it)  and some new techniques like the page above with the ship.  For that page I lightly painted the paper in a couple of colors, wiped it off,  then stamped, then added a couple of collage elements. 

The "real" reason I made it for Charlene is so she will have all the details and I won't have to remember anything except to have fun!

So now you know what the "secret" project that kept me MIA!  If I am mostly MIA for the next couple of weeks, I will be getting ready for my youngest daughter's engagement party!   Hope you have a fabulous week.


PS - Watch Charlene's blog for more of the journal, but she may wait until we are back from the cruise as she said she'd show it a page at a time after she filled it up.


  1. What a very special gift you have created for your friend! Very special indeed!

  2. Oh wow, she will obviously adore it. Brilliant. Annette x

  3. Great work, Linda! What a fabulous gift for Charlene, I'm sure she'll use it to death, lol, and treasure it always! Hey, maybe she can get Tim to sign it????

  4. Awesome, Linda! What a wonderful thing to do for a special friend. Gotta love those projects that just grow and grow and grow! But definitely worth all your hard work and deep thinking. Paula

  5. What a treasure! I am sure it will be enjoyed.

  6. How sweet of you to do this for a friend! It will be treasured! Thanks for commenting on my win! I am now following you, so I won't miss any wonderful art posts!