Friday, November 12, 2010

I am not LAST this week or CCC challenge 21!

As the title implies, I am not (at least I hope I am not) the last one to post an entry for the 21st Compendium of Curiosities Challenge over at Studio L3!!!  I am excited as it seems lately, I have just been squeaking in before the deadline!  You have until Sunday evening (November 14) to get something posted! So if haven't checked out (the other) Linda's blog, you really need to get over there and check it out.

This week, I admit I had ahead start. . . I had the background paper already made. . .not because I knew what the challenge was going to be, but because I am working on "Save the Date" cards for my youngest daughter's wedding!  As long I am admitting things, not ALL the cards will have the "Perfect Distress" technique applied, in fact only a few, if any, will make it to the mail.

Here are 2 of the 50 or so backgrounds I had already made using the "smooshing" technique. 

Here's where I used the challenge's technique which can be found on page 38 of the Compendium of Curiosities.
The next few pictures are the almost final prototype I made to get the bride & groom's approval. . . .and it is not very pretty, a slip of a stamp is not a good thing, but it gave them a good idea of what the cards will look like. The prototype was also a learning exercise for me!  The most important lesson - emboss before attaching the elephants. lol

You can see the results of the Perfect Distress just above the elephant on the left.  And another important lesson - do not use too much "wet glue" (in this case Studio Matte Meduim) on the elephants.

This is the "almost final" prototype because the insert with all the details is on the computer waiting to get over it's virus. (Along with all the addresses to mail). The insert will be printed on the same blue as the heart between the elephants and mounted on the darker blue inside. I need to make a slight design change as Kristine has requested the heart only have K + R.

I will spend most of the weekend getting the cards put together as much as possible, finishing a wedding album for a co-worker, making a few miscellaneous cards and getting ready for Rebecca (my daughter who lives in Hawaii) to come home on Tuesday and Erinn & Kristine will be here Thursday night!!!  I am excited all 4 kids will be home and we get to celebrate Thanksgiving together on the 20th!   What are your plans for the weekend?

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


PS - If you were one of the winners from my drawing on Halloween, I haven't forgotten you, it just seems like I blink a days have flown by.  I apologize for the delay and will get your prizes out to you soon!

PSS  - A special thank you to my awesome son, Joseph, who has been uploading pictures for me so I can get them posted!


  1. Your cards are great Linda, I love the background! I love your "tips", too funny. I was going to say, too much glue makes it look like the elephants have a little gastro/intestinal upset... lol...

  2. That background is so perfect for those leaves! Beautiful and love the ele's!

  3. Gorgeous background and such beautiful leaves. You are a busy girl Linda and doing some fab work. Annette x

  4. How adorable is this sweet elephant card!!! So unique!

  5. Honey, these invitations are going to be incredible! What a cool design-- have they seen it yet?? They're going to love it!

    And, your perfectly distressed botanicals are absolutely gorgeous! Those background colors are lovely and exotic, and really suit the elephant imagery in the finished card.

    Gosh, it's too bad you don't have anything to do! ;-)

    the Other Linda

  6. That background paper you created is the BEST Linda!

    I had a great time at the RSC and see that YOU had a great time at home creating *smiles*

    Thanks for continuing to stop by and check in on me! xo