Monday, December 20, 2010

Early December

December started out with a bang for me!  On the first Saturday of December, SJ came over for an "impromptu" Scrappin' Saturday!  I am slowly "dragging" her into the "Tim World"! lol  We made Days 3 & 4 tags from Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of Christmas.

SJ's Day 3
SJ's Day 4

Linda's Day 3
Linda's Day

(note as of 12/20 I have a few other tags completed, just haven't taken pictures yet.  As soon as I get pictures I will post along with the "big" project!  We keep the house "cool" in the winter (around 64 degrees F) and it takes FOREVER for stuff to dry, so while I am a bit closer to being finished I am still waiting for stuff to dry before I can move on to the next step!)

The First Sunday in December means it's Gingerbread House Day at Aunt Linda's!  On the Friday and/or Saturday before I bake a gingerbread houses or trains (from scratch) for each "little" guest.   The house smells so yummy on those days.

The third annual event was a little different, instead of making houses just for the kids, I made houses for their moms too!! Last year my great-nieces, Savannah and Erica, were not too happy with the "help" offered by their moms (my nieces Marie & Debbie).  Marie and Debbie did an admirable job of trying not to help too much, but I could see their fingers itching to "help".   So this year everyone had their own house!  

Soooo many choices!  

Getting started

Erica and Savannah with their creations
Debbie and Marie with their houses!

A close up of Savannah's
A close up of Erica's
A close up of Marie's

A close up of Debbie's

Didn't they all make AWESOME houses?  

In case you are wondering where mine is, I don't make myself a house on Gingerbread Day, I just sit back and watch the fun (and make sure icing is available, candy bowls are filled, take pictures and help as needed!).  Totally LOVE the afternoon!   Sometimes I make a house (or train) for Christmas Eve dinner if we are bringing the desserts.

If you are going to be in the neighborhood next year on the first Sunday in December and want to drop by, let me know and I will have a house ready for you too!


  1. I can't imagine, you, setting back and taking PICTURES! lol! Those houses are FABULOUS! They did such a wonderful job! And the tags are awesome, too!
    Yeah, my studio is kept pretty cool, too, I end up setting stuff on the radiator space heater, closely supervised of course, lol....

  2. Now how much fun is THAT?! What wonderful gingerbread house creations! Of course your TAGS are nice TOO :)

    Merry Christmas xoxo

  3. The tags are brilliant Linda and all of those houses are so gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos. Annette x