Sunday, January 9, 2011

CCC #26 and some rambling

I am not sure how time flies by so quickly but days seem to go by faster than I can snap my fingers!  It seems like I was just posting CCC  #25 and here it is almost at the end of CCC #26!  

Made it with a minute to spare!  I really need to work on not cutting it quite so close.  This time it wasn't because I forgot to create something, I started working a project yesterday but I've been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now not really motivate to do much.  When I did try to post tonight, I ran into some technical difficulties.   But all is good now!

The bookplate from one of Tim's grungeboard packs was altered using the instructions on page 45 of Compendium of Curiosities.   The "Only U" was created & printed using PrintMaster 16. I went over "only" with a black Sakura Glaze pen.  The background paper is from Tim's Lost & Found Stack.  

Be sure to check Linda's blog every Monday for a new challenge, there are still about 9 to go!  

In other ramblings. . . 

What little time I have spent crafting these last couple of weeks has been mostly devoted to designing my daughter's wedding invitations.  I think I finally came up with a design I like.  Just have to get final approval from the bride & groom then for the next couple of weeks I will be creating the invitations!  I am some really AWESOME friends who have volunteered to help me prepare the invites and any other items we need created.   If you are wondering why the bride, the groom or the attendants are not helping is because they are scattered across the US - literally - from Maryland to Hawaii and from Seattle to Los Angeles.  

A couple weeks ago, Sherry had a crossword puzzle to solve.  It was all about the group Earth Wind and Fire, a group she LOVES.  I know who they are and remember them from "back in the day" but didn't know a whole lot about them.  I decided I was up for the challenge.  So I did some research and learned a thing or two along the way.  Did you know an African thumb piano is called a Kalimba? Neither did I.   I got some help from a couple of co-workers (thanks Kate & Derek!) and was able to fill in all the blanks!  I sent a note off to Sherry with my answers.  She responded that I was the first one with all the correct answers!  Yippee, I won!  

My prize arrived last Thursday in a yummy looking box.  I had dashed home from work before heading off to the dentist.  When I saw the package I told myself to wait until I got back to open it.  Yeah, right who was I kidding. . .I was NOT going to wait, so I tore into it and found yumminess was definitely packed inside!

I pulled ribbon after ribbon out of the box and then found some more goodies

and finally the last thing I found!

But "OH NO!  I thought, even though a "Tiny Attacher" is on my 'wish list' I don't have one" What I am going to do with a box of refills?"  "But wait! I received a couple of gift cards for Stampers' Corner!"  I hurried off to the dentist and since I had to literally drive right passed Stampers' Corner to get home (pur house, Stampers' Corner and the dentist are all on the same street) AND one of those gift cards happened to be in my pocket,  I made a little detour into the store. And now I am the proud owner of a new 

THANK YOU Sherry for the awesome prize pack and for reminding me I wanted a Tiny Attacher!

Have a fabulous week!


  1. Very cool piece for the challenge! Really showcases how awesome that paper is..And look at all those goodies! How cool is that? You lucky dog, you! And good luck with the wedding invites!

  2. Terrific piece and loving that paper. Fab goodies, you are going to have such a great time playing Linda. Annette x

  3. Who knew I was going to be an enabler! LOL Glad you liked your little prize package. And PS . . . wait until you get all "inky" and use that Craft Scrubbie for the first time. OMG! I've never used anything like it before.

    Have an art-filled day today Linda xo

  4. I keep looking at my paper stash, ponding that very design, and trying to figure out how to use it. You just demonstrated to perfection how very cool this can look! What a great background for that cool, rusted grunge frame. And the "only U" is so clever. This is like a little story about friends who attended events together over many, many years. I love it!

    Huge congrats on your big EW&F win! Sherry is so generous and those contests she hosts are so much fun!

    You are SO not kidding about time flying by so quickly! I can't believe it's the middle of January already.