Sunday, February 21, 2010

21st Birthday

No, not my 21st birthday, although I am not THAT much older than 21 (I was VERY young when I had my children, like 4 or 5)!  lol Today is my youngest child's birthday.  My only son.  My baby. (Forget the fact that he's 6'5", he's still my baby and always will be!  And yes each of his 3 sisters are still my "baby girls".   I know I've probably scarred them all for life, but that's their problem! Love you!)

As I've mention, my mom has been in the hospital (for 2 weeks) and is now at a rehab center and seems to be improving daily!  Since this "adventure" began,  I've barely stepped foot in my studio as I have been too drained. 

On the way home from visiting my mom, the van made a left turn (all by itself, I didn't help at all, really!) to go to Stampers' Corner instead of a right turn to go home.  Darn van!  I "needed" some glaze pens. After I found them I wandered around.  Somehow I came home with a pack each of black and green glaze pens, a couple packs of  "Tim Tags" and some Ten Seconds Studio's metal , a pack of "Humungo Killer Tape" sheets and a Big Daddy #7 mold!  

When I got home, I went into the studio and this is what I created (the bottom of the card goes about 1/2 inch beyond the bottom of the picture, I need to work on my photography skills.):

I was quite pleased with the results, more importantly Joseph thought it was "AWESOME"!!!!!! 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and a fantastic week ahead!

Take care,

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  1. It is AWESOME! I love that new mold! Glad you were able to take some "art" time. Hopefully it refreshed you a bit. Take care!