Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few weeks ago Charlene told me about a project she was working on.   Her church is having a beach party today (June 6) and she was in charge of the favors.  She wanted the favors to be picture frames.  She had a good idea of what she wanted and could even "see" them, but wasn't quite sure how to get there.  To keep with the theme of the party she wanted something "beachy" but not tropical.  She wanted to use dominos with alcohol inks. She wanted to know if I would help.   Are you kiddin' me?  Of course I want to PLAY!  All that ink PLUS spending time with Charlene - that has the makings of a fantastic day!

Last Saturday (May 29)  morning Charlene brought over stacks of glossy finish photo frames (75 to be precise),  some dominos, some Perfect Pearls,and some distress ink ! She wanted a little sparkle on the frames.  We tried perfect pearls, straight - not enough color.  We tried perfect pearls with water and painted it on - more color, but still not enough.  We tried adding Distress ink with a blending tool, we tried alcohol ink, we tried lots of combinations.  (The backs of the frames also had the same glossy finish, so the experiments continued on the back.) 

We ended up using one of my favorite techniques. . .applying Distress Ink to a craft mat, spritzing with water (and perfect pearls) and smooshing!  (That's Charlene getting ready to smoosh!)  We ended up with 2 color combinations - one pastel, one bright.

For the dominos, we lined 78 (more or less)  dominos on two craft mats, inked up the inking tool - one with bright colors and the other with light colors.  We were done in about 5 minutes.  Then we inked up the lighthouse stamps (I think they are Stampin' Up) and stamped half the dominos with each stamp.  (That took us a little longer than 5 minutes, lol!)

A fantastic day it was, but  it was time for Charlene to go home and take all the pieces with her. We did more that just play  -  we took a field trip to Stampers' Corner, picked  up a birthday cake for her daughter, dropped off the cake at her house and went out to lunch.

Charlene assembled all the pieces by herself  (and with her permission) here they are, well two of them anyway:

Didn't she do a fabulous job?  I love the "light" in the light houses!


  1. These are really cool! Love the AI on the frames, and the little "light" in the lighthouse is awesome!

  2. Couldn't have done it without my super creative wonderful friend Linda!! She is the best!

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. The best I've come up with is usng left over quilt fabric to make a quilt back!