Friday, June 11, 2010

A little envelope art (2nd Friday post!!)

I found an envelope for the graduation card in the post below.  The envelope looked a little old (not in  a good way) around the edges, so I decided to add some color.  Then on the back flap I thought it would be fun to add an Oregon "O". 

 Then the front looked a little plain.  So I decided to add a photo corner stamp to enclose Elizabeth's name.  The stamp didn't work so well.  I had 2 choices:  start over or keep going.  I decided to keep going.  I found some yellow and green tissue paper.  That was looking pretty flat.  I had some  beautiful handmade laying near by, so I grabbed some of it and added that too!  Much better, but not quite done.  Decided to add the lettering (stamps). Done!  I liked it, so I figured Dave would not care for it. (You've heard the term "opposites attract", that's us.)  He liked it!  Even said I  should start selling the to Oregon!!!    (BTW it looks better in person that it does in this photo.)

It no longer looks "old",  looks happy and cheerful!


  1. Yep, sometimes it's better to keep going! Looks great, Linda, I'm sure the graduate will love it!