Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back from the CA State Fair!

We finally made it to the State Fair today on the second to last day!!! We didn't stay all that long because I don't like heat or loud noises and there was lots of both at the fair! We did get to see my cards & layouts on display! And as promised way back in May, here are pictures!

This first picture is yours truly pointing to my 3 cards. . .if you want to see a close ups, click on the name and it will take to the original post: "Thinking of You" (2nd place);"Happy Birthday" (2nd place); Believe (3rd place) is below!

(yes, it is being displayed sideways, oh well.)

In this layout I used parts of an old tablecloth my mom embroidered many, many years ago. I received an "award of merit" (I think it's similar to "honorable mention", but was a distinct award as there were also "honorable mentions".)

Besides being a bad picture, this layout is not a good one for photos in general because has a couple of "hidden" surprises. The pictures are from Dave and my trip to Disneyland in May 2009. On the Jungle cruise side (left), there is some journaling inside the crate, the front of the crate opens! On the Indiana Jones side (right), the bottom step has "treasure" scratched into the stone with an arrow pointing down. To find the treasure you have to lift the stairs! My treasure is a picture of Dave!! Like all good Disneyland stuff, there is a hidden Mickey on each page! Don't strain your eyes trying to find them. On the Jungle Cruise, he is hiding in the crate. See the film strip ribbon on the Indy side? Just below the center, there is a red spot, those are Mickey's pants! Oh, I received 3rd place on this layout!

We were only at the fair for a couple of hours and I could have happily spent it all in the creative arts building and admired all the works of arts. Here are a few examples of everything we got to feast our eyes on:

In case you are wondering, the amaryllis (and window) is a quilt!!! There was tons more to see and experience, everything was amazing.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!



  1. Linda, how exciting!!! Congratulations on your much-deserved ribbons. Your layouts are wonderful, as are your cards! Love the Santa.. and the 'gator... and the vintage lady!

    Your treasure is a picture of Dave?? That's so awesome. He must have been so proud to be featured in such a loving way.

    The amaryllis and window image is a QUILT? Get outta here! Wow!

    Big hugs,
    The Other Linda

  2. Congrats on your winnings! That quilt is simply amazing! The local fairs around here don't seem like they have many entries anymore. Yours looks like a lot of people participate, which is great! And your layouts are really stellar, very creative, love the crate! lol

  3. Love your pix! It's been years since I went to the fair but always manage to go see the handcrafted building. Hats off & standing ovation to all ladies who love to work with their hands, no matter the genre. Most especially to you Linda - you've corrupted, I mean, shown more people the light about the joys of crafting than anyone I know. Congrats on your awards!!

  4. Congratulations Linda. Looks as if it was a fab show. Annette x

  5. Congratulations! All your work is just wonderful. I never thought of entering cards or tags in the fair!

  6. Congratulations! So glad we finally got to see the pics. Doesn't it always happen that the pics you REALLY need to share are the ones you forget to take? LOL Glad you got another shot and how awesome to see them on display, even if someone decided Santa needed a nap LOL! Kudos