Saturday, July 17, 2010

Out on a limb

One of my goals for 2010 is to join challenges once or twice a week.  I haven't been consistent with one or two a week but I have participated in more challenges than ever before so I am counting myself as successful so far in this goal. 

Another goal was to step outside my creative comfort zone.   I haven't really worked on this one much this year and I am OK with that.  I needed the familiar and comfortable in creating this year.  The familiar and comfortable helps in healing.   I still need the familiar and comfortable but this evening I was ready to go a little beyond the comfortable! 

Gingersnaps Creations Challenge #59 is "Fairies".   The only fairy stamps I have are Tinkerbell.  Now don't get me wrong I like Tink and there is nothing wrong with her.   I was just not in the mood to make something with Tink.  I have been contemplating this challenge for some time, trying to do decide what I was going to create without buying a new stamp.    I perused my stamp collection and the closest I could come to a person/fairy was this:
Then I went to my "bits & pieces" jar and my "odds and ends" jar. 

In these jars one never knows what one will find, it's always fun to see what's in them.  It could be a pair of wings , it could be pearls or game spinners or just about any little thing I have in my studio that did not get put away properly or maybe there were only one or two of whatever left so, I add them to the jars.  There's not any differences in the jars other than their names.

See, like I said, always an adventure when looking in the jars.  Then I raided the bins I inherited from my mom and found a couple of small drapery hooks and some other type of hook.  Then I "threw it all together", added some, ink,  fibers, a few jewels and my fairy was created.  She is definitely not my "normal" but I am quite proud of her! 

Here she is, out on a limb!   

I am not sure what I am going to do with her, for right now she is sitting on a bottle next to my monitor.  I think I will keep there for the time being reminding, it's not was so bad stepping outside your creative comfort zone!  What was your last project outside your zone?

Take care


  1. Fun fairy! What a great creation! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Fairy Challenge!

  2. Bits and Pieces . . . oh what a fun little fairy you have created using them *smiles*

  3. Cute! and very creative, I might add! Your jars are funny, but oh, so practical! Maybe I should do that! Hmmm, out of my comfort zone... working with vintage images is usually out of my comfort zone, I don't work with them that often because of that very reason...

  4. Scrappy quilting is outside my comfort zone. It just doesn't seem right puting together mis-matched fabrics. But the block of the month at my favorite quilt shop was a scrappy quilt so it forced me to work in that realm. And I am so pleased with the guilt, it is one I'm keeping for myself!