Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beyond your comfort zone.

The other day I posted about stepping outside my comfort zone and asked what you what is out of your comfort zone.  SJ commented about making a "scrappy" quilt  that was outside her comfort zone. 

She brought it into the office today to show me!  It is GORGEOUS! And I have her permission to share it with you!


Am I right?  Isn't it GORGEOUS? 

My cube is at a "T" intersection, all day this beautiful quilt hung on the top  of the "T" so each time I walked from the  back of the office to my desk I got to see her fabulous quilt!  Every time I looked I made a new discovery!

Thank you SJ for sharing your beautiful "guilt" with me for the day, it is definitely a piece of artwork to cherish!

Take care and take a step outside your comfort zone!


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  1. That IS gorgeous! A lot of work! My Mom cranks out quilts like there's no tomorrow. There's nothing like a quilt to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.