Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going digi

I always say I am not a digital "scrapper".  But I think I have to change that.  Lately I find I am using quite a few digital images that I print and use in projects.  I just realized designed a digital layout for some of my ATC backs!!   Who would've thunk it?

I don't know about you, but when I make ATCs, I end up with some that have really neat and clean back sides and others that are, well really messy.  They typically look something like this:

Not sure what I do that some come out looking so bad, but I do it really well, don't you think? lol  I dislike seeing a mess on the back of my ATCs.  I also have issues with leaving brads (or other things) exposed on the backside of ANYTHNG.  For ATCs my solution is to make a full-sized back.  That's where my digital layout comes into play!

Since the "messy" ATCs ended up with an awesome (in my opinion) backing, it just wouldn't be right for the ones with a "clean" backs to have a plain ol' label slapped on them, right?   I had to come up with another great idea.

I was about 5 minutes from home after work today when I got a call from my FAVORITE LSS (Stamper's Corner) telling me my Tim Alteration dies were in!  Of course I HAD to detour by the store to pick them up.  I really had to.  An idea came to me and I had plans for the "Tattered Leaves" die.  It was going to become the background for the "clean" ATCs!

Here they are: my digi design background and the background using my new tattered leaf die (which just happens to fit in my small xyron)!

What do you think?  Besides the fact I need to practice centering the text in the die a little better (it was so much easier to line it up on the practice  sheets [plain copy paper], lol).  I was pretty happy with the results, until I noticed something.   Are you good at spotting differences?  First one to correctly identify the error in the above picture will win a small pack of goodies. (I will ship internationally too!)  Just leave a comment on this post  The error I am looking for is not the centering (or lack thereof).

good luck!


PS - the leaf image in the full-size back  is from Microsoft Office.

EDIT - Terry is right, the date is wrong on the full background. (Terry please send me an e-mail with your address and I will get a package out to you this weekend!)   I was not too happy with myself when I realized I put the date we are leaving instead of the date of the cruise.  On the bright side, I only mounted 8 backs on ATCs so I don't have a lot of corrections to make.  Not sure if I am going to cross off the "29" and  hand write "30" or print 30  and "patch" them.   Any ideas or sugguestions?

And to answer Lori's question, YES it is a PAIN to try to align the printing in the die hence the off centered look of the leaf.  Not sure if I am going to do a lot that way, if I do, I may switch to plain copy paper as I was able to align the practice one up easier and just use lots of ink to add some fall colors.


  1. I know what the error is, but I'll let someone else win that. Don't want to be a prize hog. lol. I really like the second one with that leaf background, very cool. The first one is awesome too, but I would think it's kind of a pain to try and center the printing on that die, isn't it? lol!

  2. I see it too!! But since you give me so much stuff will hold off & let some other lucky one win the prize.

  3. I have those dies!! I don't do digi's, but does not mean I won't ever. I believe it is the start dates for the cruise as the mistake.