Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All packed up!

ATCs are completed (only made 86!) and packed!  Door signs completed and packed!  Tags for CCC (see Linda's post here!)  packed!  Passport, credit cards, Royal Caribbean documents and checkbook all packed!  In fact, we are on our way as this is schedule to post as we take to the air on the first leg of our adventure!!  Woo Hoooooooooooo!  Yipppeeeee!

Today we are flying to LaGuardia in New York where John from A Car For Hire will meet us and whisk us away to our hotel in New Jersey.  He will return tomorrow and pick up and take us to the ship! Excited! Excited! EXCITED!!!!!!! ( If you are ever in New York and need a ride, call John.  The customer service is FANTASTIC.  I made the reservations a month or two ago and it has been fun working with John.)

The other day I showed a tag for the door sign, today you get to see the whole thing!  Both of them!  We borrowed the Chaos Tag board idea and gave it our own interpretation.  Some of the tags Charlene made, some I made, some we collaborated on.   Personally, I think they are AWESOME!  Charlene agrees!

I guess, I told a small lie when I said they were completed.  There is one more thing that needs done.  See the Umbrella Man in the middle, he needs Tim's autograph so guess they are not completed yet, but they will be soon! 

Take care!


  1. Tell Tim we need Umbrella Man as a Sizzix die!!! I have only mentioned that here and there, but no one is listening! Beautiful art Linda! And I love the only 86 ATC's! Have a "Royal" blast!

  2. Wow its terrific, and I agree with Terry about the Umbrella Man die......... have a fab time Linda, x

  3. They are even more fabulous than I'd envisioned, Linda, and that's saying a lot! I know you're already having a wonderful time, and I'm happy for you and all my friends on that big boat. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

    Hugs from TOL