Sunday, September 19, 2010

ATCs keep staggering in!

My intention was to stop with the last ATCs, REALLY!  I mean we are leaving in 10 DAYS! Not that I do things until the last minute, but I have a couple of other projects to wrap up before we leave, so I was DONE with ATCs.  One of the projects I need to complete is to add the info to the back of ALL the ATCs.

I counted the ATCs so I'd know how many backings I need. . .I have 82, that's almost 100.  NO don't go there. 

At some point I noticed Linda at Studio L3 had a new post and dropped by for a visit.  Her post was for the Drunken Stamper challenge.  Dry emboss and paint.  Interesting challenge, but  I AM strong,  I can pass.

Earlier in the day I was cleaning (yuck) and found some definition on chipboard and thought "those would make great ATCs" but went on with the cleaning, putting those chipboard pieces out of sight and out of mind.

Finally, I sat down to work on a project that is NOT an ATC.  I prepped a mirror for the project and the next thing I know I am working on ATCs.   Not sure how the switch happened but those chipboard pieces were in front of me along with some dry embossed ATC sized  pieces of paper and paint.  I completed 4 ATCs (2 that meet the challenge) and have another 4 planned.

The first 2 are for the Drunken Stamper Challenge, the other 2 are just because! lol

So now I have 86 ATCs plus the 4 "planned" ones, that's 90. . .  On Monday Linda will have another Compendium of Curiosities challenge. (Are you playing along? If not, drop by and check it out, it's lots of fun!)  Hmmmmm,  Will I make 100 ATCs before I leave? 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!



  1. You are an amazing woman Linda....these are great ATCs, love them. But don't envy you putting all those backs on unless you put the details on gummed labels.......but as its for the Tim Holtz swop I suppose it has be ultra creative....... Have fun, Annette x

  2. Oh, come on, it's only 10 more! lol! You can do it in a half! You could, but I can't. These look great, love the texture on the backgrounds, and the colors. Great idea to use the initial with the sentiment!
    The countdown is on!......

  3. Too funny! Fabulous ATC's! I do believe you will make 100!!!

  4. Linda, you have now surpassed the title of "ATC Queen" and are now "ATC GODDESS!" These ROCK, girlfriend! I love how you used the dictionary definitions, and your painted grunge is totally fabulous!

    Eight days to go!!! I'm going to be living vicariously thought you that entire week, okay?

    Way to dominate the Drunken Stampers challenge!!!

    ~Hugs from The Other Linda

  5. Hi Linda!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Love the ATCs, I even made one myself today, have been taking a break lately. Of course I am not AT ALL jealous that you are going off on a cruise with Mr H. (nose growing longer by the minute)- sure you will have a great time (bet you get to 100 ATCs!!). Good luck with your giveaway when you get to 100 posts, am following so I get a reminder to call back! Which reminds me, I haven't posted my September giveaway yet - where did this month go?

  6. You've got it going on, gal! Love these ATCs and having NO DOUBT whatsoever that you'll make it. Isn't it great how creativity breeds creativity? Have a fab cruise and look forward to seeing the other 10 (or so LOL)! Happy crafting, Paula

  7. These are beautiful! I love the way you used the definitions and letters!

    ... scary how one crafty thing can so easily lead to the crafty twilight zone ... :)

    Thanks for dropping in at the Drunken Stampers craft pub!

  8. Great ATCs and fab ideas!! Love 'em! Thanks for playing with us Drunken Stampers this week!!