Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun, fun, FUN!!!!!!

No I am not talking about the Beach Boys' song, although I do like it! lol

Today was definitely fun! A lot of work, but fun! Totally different than my "regular" job, but FUN!!!!!  Do you get the impress I enjoyed the day?   What did I do you ask?  I helped Norman with HankoDesigns set up for the Sacramento Stamp Show!  He is going to have some FABULOUS deals tomorrow (Saturday) including a free gift if you spend just $20.00 - I've seen some of the gifts, you want them!    AND if you mention you read about HankoDesigns on "Linda's blog", guess what happens?  YOU get 2 FREE gifts for spending $20.00!!!

Wanna see a sneak peek of the booth?  Here you go!

See all that paper above?  I had to put in the rack, it took forever. . . I had to keep stopping to wipe up the drool (hope no one noticed) lol!  It's all textured and beautiful colors and - have I ever mentioned how much I love paper?   I pretty sure I will be bringing home some paper tomorrow!

Speaking of paper, there is lots.  It's all beatufiul and I believe all imported from Japan.  This is this one package of paper that is written in Japense, it's a little heavier than tissue paper, you "only" get three sheets, but when you unfold it it is HUGE!  No I didn't get a picture of it.   Good thing Norman had me do other things than put this goregous paper on racks! 

Amazingly enough there are LOTS of stamps in the HankoDesigns booth not to mention all the other booths that were being set up.. . . Imagine that, stamps at a stamp show! lol   It was hard to keep my eyes and mind on what I was doing, I wanted to wander and look at all the other booths!  I should have a little time tomorrow to have a look around.

Here are some cards they have on display. Totally AWESOME cards!  I think my favorite card is the dog card in the lower left of the first photo.  Norman said it is really easier to make.  Hopefully he will have a few minutes to show me tomorrow.  He said something about the dog is just some triangles.  

Hope this glimpse whets your appetite for tomorrow!  Remember to mention "Linda's blog" to get a second  free gift when you spend $20.00. 

Hope to see you tomorrow, for now I am going to go kick back, put my feet up and enjoy a good book!

Take care,  Linda

PS - If you haven't seen the post below this one, you might want to take a peek at it - something about some blog candy or something like that.


  1. Hi Linda,
    oh I am so green with envy, What a fun show that must be, Do take lots of photos to share with us! Glad you joined in With Gingersnap creations.I'll be looking forward to seeing you post your art!

  2. I also am green with envy! Hanko Designs is a wonderful company. one of my favorite stamps is a little oriental girl kneeling. had it for years, and use it a lot. GREEN, GREEN!! I will mention your blog and will be spending money in that booth for sure!
    I will run you down and chat with you tomorrow!
    Hugs, Pat

  3. oh you are getting me so excited...I think I better go to sleep so it will be here faster! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  4. I used to live in Sacramento. Sure wish I was there for the convention!! Welcome to Gingersnap Creations! Can't wait to drool over your art!!! Have fun and don't forget to play!!!

  5. Sounds like a great time! Don't worry, when drool dries on paper, it makes a nice Can't wait to see what you bring home, hope you have a great time!