Friday, May 28, 2010

A little silliness

As many of you know Tim (Holtz) has had a "how do you distress" week on his blog, where you could leave a daily comment for a chance to win a coveted distress ink case.  You could also create a project using distress ink and send him ONE photo with a "brief" description of your technique.

I had thought about creating a card based on the journaling block that I used in one my fair layouts.  I was planning on using the card for Tuesday's Taggers challenge too.    I sat down to work on it this morning, but couldn't find my brown blending tool, so I started to clean my work table.   The table got mostly cleaned, then I got side-tracked and one thing lead to another and the card did not get made. (As I type this, I also realized I never did find my brown blending tool.  Guess I better clean the rest of the studio too! lol)  

Time is ticking down, the photos has/had to be mailed before 5:00 p.m. PDT TODAY, Friday, May 28!  Oh what, am I going to do?  With less than two hours before the deadline inspiration struck!!!!!  And I didn't even need my brown blending tool! 

I got all 36 inks plus my embossing ink out and made this:

I call it "tower of ink" 
(and yes I really did send this pic to Tim! Although I did not give a description of my technique, rofl) 

and then I made this:

I call this one "oops!"

Hope my silliness has made you smile!  

Have a weekend filled with lots of smiles. Be safe!


  1. Linda - This is a crack up! LOL I LOVE it!

  2. If anything, you should win based on creativeness, I'm athinkin'! That is so funny! My first question did you get the ink pads to sit that way?? I think you're going to need to do a "make and watch" on the