Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Quilted" kitty!

One of the goodies I picked up at the Hanko Designs booth last Saturday at the Sacramento stamp show was the Washsi Paper Quilting "Friends" Kit.  I made 2 kitties using the pattern included in the kit.

My husband liked the red kitty best, so I used it to make a birthday card for my AWESOME mother-in-law!

I gave the white kitty to Atlas, a guy at work who makes his wife cards who happens to LOVE cats! 

I am working on another quilted card that I hope to have ready to post tomorrow.  Paper quilting is way fun and the Washsi paper looks like fabric!  

Take care

PS - I received notification from the State Fair yesterday. . .You are going to have to wait until July to see my some of my entries!  I received 2 - 2nd places for my Birthday card (hurry up dear) and my thinking of you card (bonjour).   I will post pictures of my other 3 projects - "Through the Years" double page layout (Award of Merit) , "Fun Times" double page layout (3rd place) and my "Believe" Christmas card (3rd Place) once I go to the fair and see them!  The fair is July 14- August 1.


  1. Hi Linda! Love your quilted kitty card. Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Geeez! You have been busy! Artist of the week, 2nd, 3rd & honorable mention at the fair & super cute cars btw. You are amazing!

  3. I love your kitties! The red is my favorite too.

  4. Typing on an iphone....I meant cats not cars!

  5. Those cats are cute! And congrats on your winnings at the fair, how awesome! Can't wait to see the entries....