Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Nope, you don't get hear about what I am having for lunch tomorrow, even though it will be very yummy.  I am talking about the card I started last night for the challenge at Collage Obsession.  The theme is "mother", and the art work is a Marcus Gheeraets the younger's painting  called "Barbara Gamage with six children"   I bet you are looking at the title and then my card and thinking to yourself someone can't count.   Barbara was in the picture along with 6 "children", however I could not handle them all (think creepy baby dolls).  So I cropped the youngest and used her.   Conveniently she is in a sitting position and I just happened to have a bench "stamp" I made in an art class a while back. I adjusted her size and  printed her on cardstock, cut her out, stamped the bench, cut that out and started trying different backgrounds.  I stopped when I got to this arrangement. I decided she looked lonely and needed a puppy so I made her one! 

 Are you wondering about the title yet?  It's because the only thing on this card that was not "leftovers" were the cardstock I used to print the girl!   My favorite leftovers are the "trees"!  I save pretty much every scrap of paper including the pieces leftover after using a die (cut) because I might need it someday! lol  (Do you do that too?)  The trees are just that - leftovers from some Christmas tree die cuts I experimented with last year (or perhaps the year before, who knows)!  I just turned them upside down and had 2 ready made trees!  And yes, even the card base came out of the scrap pile! lol

I am still debating whether I like it or not.  On the one hand I think it's kind of cool.  On the other hand it is not something I "normally" do (mixing styles).   What do you think?  Do all the elements work together?  If not, which don't fit?

Oh, there was another product that was not leftovers - the black on the nose and the eye is "Enamel Accents". It is something I picked up the other day when Charlene and I went shopping.

Speaking of leftovers, I need to go pack my lunch for tomorrow!  Hope your week is going well!

Take care,


  1. So, how do you like the enamel accents?? I was thinking of ordering some. I think your card is great, love the trees, however, and remember you did ask, I think the doggie is a little out of scale with the rest. Don't get me wrong, he's great, just maybe a little big. That's just my observation, though! lol

  2. Funky! I don't have a problem with different styles all together - I call it eclectic!