Sunday, October 24, 2010

CCC # 18

Just a quick post for CCC #18

My "regular" computer is not feeling well at the moment, so I am having to use an alternate computer and alternate upload methods.  I will get back to the cruise as soon as my PC is feeling better.   Hopefully it will be feeling better later this week.   Thankfully I work with a bunch of AWESOME guys who will have it fixed in no time!!!

Have a fabulous week.



  1. Your Merry Christmas shows up so beautifully! Love the background! Looking forward to more cruising with Linda!

  2. Yay! You made it with time to spare, and your Christmas tags are gorgeous! That stamp is awesome-- you got such a crisp, perfect image with it, and created a really classic holiday look that's elegant and, yes, Merry!

    I hope your computer is back in the game very soon. It's like losing an arm when they're not working, isn't it?

    Hugs from TOL

  3. Ooo, great idea for the resist tech, love the colors! Hope your comp gets better soon! lol!

  4. Halloween's not here (YET!), Thanksgiving is coming next, and THEN Christmas! Don't be rushing them!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    All kidding aside (I DO crafts and understand it is Christmas all YEAR long!)............ I am LOVING the journal of the cruise as well as the pictures! Yes it's ME....your BFF in New Jersey! LOL

  5. Ooooooh. I LOVE this. Makes me want to go home and make Christmas cards right this very minute.

  6. You just entered the Let's get smacked by Linda club!!! Too funny!

  7. Hi Linda,
    I found you through Terry's blog and am glad I came to have a peek :)
    Lovin' the Christmas tags!

  8. These Christmas tags are terrific Linda, so zingy. Have a fab time. Annette x