Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 4, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

*As I noted previously, my "new" computer is not feeling well.  It won't be feeling better for at least a week, so in the meantime, I am using my faithful older computer. All my pictures are on the newer computer so I thought I would have to wait before I could post pictures.  Then I remembered that fortunately I uploaded most of my pictures to Picasa before it got infected so I will be able to get to pictures!  It took me a couple of days to figure this out and another couple of days to figure out I can edit photos in Picasa!

Let the journey continue!

The ship arrive very early and passengers were able to get off as early as 7a.m.  We were not among the first to get off! lol 

We didn't really have any plans for St. John except to see the Reversing Falls.   We (Charlene, Lori and I) jumped in a cab to get to the falls.  The driver was great and informative.   In my picture, the water is flowing from left to right.  The river is up and to the right, the Bay of Fundy is to the left (although not visible from where we were).  The water is flowing "uphill" so to speak.  Click on "Reversing Falls" above to read the details of why this happens (and to see some awesome pictures).

This boat load of people came by while we were at the Reversing Falls.  Their driver was crazy and it looked like they were having a blast!!!

I loved this church, with just a hint of color in the trees.  Such a "classic" quintessential church!

After visiting the Falls we headed back towards the ship and then just wandered the streets of St John for a bit.  We were looking for an antique store but it had moved.  We thought about searching it out in its new locations, but were distracted by other things and never made.  We did find some awesome old buildings though.

Great sweatshirts girls!

This is my kind of sign!

We also wandered into Market Square.  They have a wide variety of "shops"!

They have a library.  We didn't go in but the outside is definitely FUN!

They had a museum!  We didn't go in there either, but this guy was their greeter!  Love the strong silent type, don't you? lol!

and of course they had some shops.  We did go in a few of those but didn't take any pictures!  And in this age of cell phones, I love seeing a phone booth, and this one is great!!  It really worked, well I assume it worked as the woman in black was in the "box" with the door closed and the handset to her ear!

Then we headed back to the ship as we had an early departure and more importantly we had "Tim Time".  Instead of a class it was an hour of  Q & A time with Tim!   

One of our indulgences of the day!  The ship had a self-serve "ice cream" stand.    I just had vanilla and it was yummy!

That is about it for the day. . . if I had my journal I could fill you in on more details but it is in a safe place, so I can't consult it at the moment.   More about the "safe place" in the next cruise post!  Hope you are having a fabulous week! 

Take care,


  1. Hey Linda what a great trip and the photos are wonderful.

  2. Great pics, Linda! Sorry to hear about the computer, that's always frustrating. But, glad you can get to your pics! Wish I had some of that ice cream right about now...

  3. Me too Lori - ready for ice cream. Linda you got a picture of that sign it's got to be the best no parking sign I've ever seen!

  4. More fun!!! Safe place - we took our SS cards out of our wallets years ago and can't remember what safe place we put them in!!!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Terry's comment answered my question of "did you FIND the journal"? :-(