Friday, October 22, 2010

October 3

October 3 - the day started early for me only because I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep!  I was up early enough to catch sunrise!  I am not sure if the first couple of pictures are of Bar Harbor or another nearby town.

I wandered around the mostly quiet ship for a bit, exploring parts of it I had not visited previously. I stopped at the Café on the Promenade Deck and had a cup of hot chocolate before heading back to our cabin to get ready for our adventures in Bar Harbor.

We met Lori in the Windjammer for breakfast then set off to explore Bar Harbor! Bar Harbor was a fun little town with LOTS of little shops. I had been there as a teenager, but I didn’t really remember the town.  

My memory of Bar Harbor revolves around a conversation my parents had with a local teenager/20 something person. We had a pick-up and trailer and were looking for a campground that we couldn’t seem to find. I remember being at a stop sign on a slight hill. The “kid” was nearby on his bike and my parents asked for directions. He gave directions which my parents apparently understood and off we drove. After we pulled away, I asked my parents what language had he been speaking. To my great surprise they said English! I don’t recall understanding anything he had said, except “ba’- ha’ber” ! Lol

As the day progressed, I found I had no trouble understanding anyone! Although Charlene said “everyone sounded. . .” well I leave that for her to post on her blog if she wants! Lol

We had booked the Lobster Bake and Acadia National Park excursion for the afternoon. We had a bit of down time between shopping and hopping on the bus, so a few calls were made and

a few (dozen) pictures were taken.

Once on the road, we drove by some "cottages"

The lobster bake was not what I was expecting. Well the food part was what I expected but the venue was not. I was expecting being served in a big tent or perhaps a “rustic” shelter of some sort on or near the beach, open air with time to roam a bit. I was NOT expecting to be delivered to the Bar Harbor Regency hotel to be served in a banquet room. The view from the room was fabulous though.

Are you sure about this? 
Lori, Charlene & Stephanie

After lunch was served, we were back on the bus headed for Acadia National Park!

We saw the Beaver Pond (and dam) and a little fall color!

We saw more  fabulous “cottages” (I would love to get a look in one these, wouldn't you?)

We stop and got off the bus at Thunder Hole.

On the road again!  

Next stop:  top of Cadillac Mountain (prior to 1918 it was called Green Mountain!) Unfortunately 15 minutes was not much time to enjoy all there was to enjoy.  We were told names of all 7 islands and warned we'd be tested on the names of the islands. If we didn't remember them we had to walk back to the ship.  I remembered the name of the last one, which was "bald island" (don't ask which one it is cuz I don't know). 

Luckily others on the tour remembered the names, were earned a "C" and was able to ride the bus back to the port.  It was a quick trip back to Bar Harbor and we caught one of the last tenders back to the ship before it left!

We were so thankful they waited for us! Had they not waited, we would have missed our Tim class and THAT would have been devastating! lol

The evening class was:

And these were my creations from the class and the only project I actually finished in class. . . well except for the ribbons I still haven't added those! lol


  1. Hi Linda, you are obviously having a fabulous time and I am drooling over the lobster..yummy. Your makes are fab. Thank you for sharing your great trip. Annette x

  2. Beautiful on all accounts! I can't wait until the day I can go and have this much fun! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your virtual tour, Linda! The photos are great-- those girls are just WORKING the lobsters! What a pretty town.

  4. Great recap of our day! Yea, let's just say that lobster bake wasn't what I was expecting either, but the rest of the day was awesome! Great pictures!

  5. Love those tags. Your day looks like it was marvelous. That Lobstah looks yummy.