Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another rose

Like I said in a previous post, I am hooked on roses. I made this card for (bunco)Melissa's birthday. Except for the rose and card base, all the other papers came from my scrap box! The rose is of course grungepaper as are the leaves. It's hard to tell in the picture, but I debossed veins in each leaf, then took a toothpick and inked the tip (using my fire brick distress ink pad) and followed the debossed lines. I lightly inked the edges of the leaves with fire brick too. I used Sizzix oval tag on grunge board, covered the tag with paper, inked the edges, stamped "happy birthday" in coffee archival ink and added some gemstones. I used a red mat with a torn bottom edge, on top of that I used a piece of "left over" paper that I had created at some point using, I think, alcohol inks, I added the green to the piece specifically for the card so it would tie everything together and give a bit of contrast. (If I didn't use alcohol ink, then I used distress ink. Pretty bad I can't even remember what I created two weeks ago. Guess I am getting those senior moments down! lol! Rebecca - if you are reading this, just stay quiet. Not a word! LYM)

On the inside of the card, I used the same red mat with the printed green paper I used on the oval. The inside sentiment is a Great Impressions stamp in Archival Coffee.

I really hate throwing out paper and I keep every little scrap, sometimes to the point of being riduculous. The more I like a paper, the smaller the piece I am "willing" to keep. lol My scrap box is about to burst! Guess I need to make some art! What about you? Are you a paper keeper?

Take care and stay safe


  1. Don't you mean hoarder? lol. Just last night I was putting all the itsy bitsy scraps I have of some Websters Pages paper that i love into an itsy bitsy envelope to keep....yikes. Your card is beautiful. The way you put "leftovers" together is fabulous. I struggle with that. Gorgeous card.

  2. Love your roses. Hey thanks for stopping by. I got a kick out of your reply. Old pamphlets are a laugh!

  3. Wish your cruise was THIS weekend......... and you were coming to NJ: tickets for Mamma Mia in NY were on sale for 20% off. Only good through January though :-(
    I loved the Christmas card you made...... and am totally in LOVE with your roses. They have GOT to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world......... and when you master making them, or painting them...... it's the best feeling :-)

  4. Just throwing this out there said it...and I"m proud lol

  5. Very pretty card!
    The roses are so much fun to make!

  6. Hey Linda,
    Christopher above, would be me! LOL