Saturday, January 23, 2010

The corruption continues. . .

I worked on corrupting 2 young hearts yesterday!!! My sister-in-law Annette dropped by to work on a scrapbook. She brought her 6 year old grand-daughter, my great neice, Savannah with her.

Before they arrived, I had been working on my die-cut "catalog". I am trying to catalog all the shapes I have. So while Annette worked on her scrapbook, Savannah helped me cut some "shapes" with using new dies I had ordered from Sizzix. (they had an AWESOME sale, up to 85% off some dies!!!!). After we finished our cutting, Savannah got down to some serious work! She made about 1/2 dozen 12 x 12 pictures for friends and family! I was the lucky recipient of this fantastic picture!

In some of her other creations she used stamps, brads, ribbon, gemstones, all kinds of flowers as well as die cuts and hand drawings! (Of course, I didn't think about taking pictures of those until after she left.) Nothing like corrupting them while they are young!

At some point my son, Joseph, came in the studio. (he's 20) I had 2 alligators (new die cut) sitting on the table as I was going to ink them. He really liked them, and wanted one of mine. I told him he had to make his own! (I know I am such a mean mom!) Savannah and I explained how to use the Big Shot and he cut an alligator for himself. Savannah decided she needed some more die cuts so Joseph & Savannah searched the dies and found the "perfect" ones. Both "kids" had a blast. Joseph ended up creating this awesome card! His first ever!!!

Joseph "free-handed" the hat! I think he did a fabulous job. . . leave comments on what you think. Corrupting another one, this time my own son! lol

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Take care, be safe,


  1. You seem to get some sick enjoyment in corrupting others!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Few pointers:
    1. Bubba is NOT 20.
    2. Did you expect any less from him? He is a pretty good fella and look at his family...all except one of his siblings is creative.
    3. Savannah AWESOME JOB!
    4. Auntie, I love you and miss you!
    5. Mommie...I love you and miss you too =]

  3. Love the card. The apple didn't roll far from the tree! Love reading about family members sharing time together...... memories that last forever :-)

  4. Well, just goes to show, you're never too young or too old to get into arts and crafts! Ha! Yea, the hat is fabulous! Thought it was a die! Tell him he does great work! Savanna sure was a busy girl! Get them started young.....

  5. Wow. I love Joseph's card!