Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do you get . . .

when you get 3 scrapbookers, 1 digi-scrapper, 1 quilter (who is being drawn into the paper world) and 1 knitter together? You get some AWESOME cards, a digi-page a little closer to being complete, some rows added to a pair of socks and have lots of fun! Today was the first time I have had a "Scrappin' Saturday" in forever! 4 of the 6 and never been to a Scrappin Saturday. I hope they enjoyed themselves!

Here are the 5 samples cards I made. The card in the front left is using all Hero Arts stamps and designed by me! I actually entered this into their monthly contest. . .a first for me. The "I Love You" card on the left was inspired by the card on page 18 of the Jan/Feb 2010 Papercrafts Magazine that just showed up in my mail box one day! The "I Love You" card on the right is my variation of the card. The 2 "googly" eye cards were created this morning in desperation to get a birthday card sample for this afternoon. I finished them about 12:10. . . everyone was due at 1:00. (I tried and tried to come up with a fun masculine card last night, but I was not satisfied with anything I came up with.)

The 3 scrapbookers, Vi, Sheryll and Pat, had never made cards before.

Vi made this awesome Valentine card. She also worked a layout after she finished her card.

This is Pat's beautiful creation.

Can't show you SJ's and Sheryll's cards because I forgot to take pictures once they finished. (Guess I was talking too much, imagine that! Me, talking!) Sheryll made a butterfly card. SJ made the butterfly card, the "I Love You" card and designed her own birthday card.

Charlene (my partner in crime and roommate in Sep/Oct when we are cruisin') was working on a digi-layout so she didn't play with paper today. Nancy worked on her knitting. She was making some socks! I tried to tempted her into the world of paper, but no luck today.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Take care, be safe


PS - I really do have spaces between paragrahs, but for whatever reason they are not showing up on my post. Guess I still have lots of learnin' to do on this blog thing.

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  1. Oh, those cards look great! I follow Hero Arts too, so I'll be looking for you to be a winner! That card is fabulous! Well, the rest are awesome too, but here's hoping for a win! It's great to get together with others and create, that's why I can't wait till Sept!!