Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some random ramblings

If you know me, you know I LOVE eBay and Tim Holtz' stuff! Put the two together and I can get into BIG trouble (but it is oh so fun! lol) Last week I was checking out stuff (because I need more, lol) I found a "few" Visual Artistry sets listed, I put bids in on 10 auction. Didn't win one of them. Not one to give up easily, I found more auctions including one for "The Journey" set and put a bid on it (at the same price I had bid on a previous auction I didn't win.) THEN I found an auction with a lot of 7 sets of the stamps that included "The Journey". I debated for a bit on whether I should bid or not since there would be a duplicate set if I happened to win both auctions. The debate was short! The lot of 7 sets arrived today!

Last Sunday I stopped by Stampers' Corner (my fav LSS) to get some more tape for the nifty tape gun we received on the cruise. I was being good, on a mission, just the tape, NOTHING else. Honest, that was the plan. I ran in, got the tape, walked up to the cash register so far so good. . . and then I see boxes and boxes in the classroom being rifled through by some women. "Is that a sale?" I asked Amber. It was. Wood stamps for F I F T Y CENTS each!!! No matter what size!!!!! 4 sets of clear stamps bundled together for $2.00 for each bundle! How is a girl NOT to buy stuff?? Well 30 minutes (maybe an hour. . .who keeps track of time when shopping a sale?) and $48. lighter I left the store! (Too bad I can't lose weight as fast as I can spend money. lol!)

Now I just have to find time to play! Speaking of playing I am having a Scrappin’ Saturday at the house on January 16, 2010. If you are interested in dropping by, let me know.

December 30 my AWESOME husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary! We went to Frank Fats (the original one on L Street) in Sacramento for dinner! Before dinner we wander through a couple of antique stores I had just discovered. In one of the stores, they had bags and bags of used stamps for sale for $1.00 per bag, so I grabbed a couple with thoughts of using them on ATCs for THE cruise.

Today, I went to Scrapmap to get to Jim West's blog to add it to my list of blogs I follow. I haven't been following it, but I always mean to . . . because last time I was there he had just giveaway some trips. While at, I noticed there was a new logo picture for Tim’s New England/Canada cruise. . . it includes a used postage stamp. lol Great minds think a like!!!!!! (PLEASE let me have my delusions that I have a great mind too, please! Thanks! lol)

A couple of weeks ago, I won a prize on Lori’s blog The package arrived earlier this week! She was EXTREMELY generous!! Thank you again Lori!
I will post a picture when I make something with the goodies you sent!

Take care,


  1. Don't you just love those sales!!! Like I say, Cheap should be the middle name on my birth certificate. Congrats on your winnings on Ebay! Can be very addictive, not that I would know, I've just heard about on the anniversary, dinner out is always good, and hey, if you happen to pick up some cheap art supplies, even better. Enjoy the goodies!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Sounds like your having lots of fun!