Monday, January 18, 2010

A fabulous day!!!

This morning I wrote a list of things I want to accomplish in 2010. There were maybe 1/2 dozen things on the list. I wrote it while sitting at my CLEAN workspace in my studio. I set the list aside, sorted a few scraps of paper (I store them by color). While filing the paper I thought of something else to add to my list and when I went to get it, it was gone. I searched the table, the floor, the files I had put paper in, but it was no where to be found. I know one day it will turn up when I least expect it.

One item on the list was to donate some "extra" paper to a local elementary school. I have been thinking of doing that for a long while, but never got around to it. I am happy to report on Friday my son dropped off a box of 12 x 12 paper! The stack was about 4" high or so!!! The sad thing is you can't even tell I have less paper.

Another thing on the list is to make 60 mother's day cards and 60 "other occasions" cards (i.e., birthday, thank you, miss you, etc.) cards by March 15 and mail them to Operation Write Home. I got a start on the mother's day cards today. The inspiration for these quick, simple and elegant cards came from What do you think? (I think comments are great!)

Since these cards are going to our troops, I take a piece of paper, fold it and attach it as a card liner so the troops have room to write a letter to their loved ones. I also stamp the inside sentiment on the "outside" of the "letter".

I made 10 of them, but messed up one, so there are only 9 for OWH. Yesterday I made 6googly eyed cards (like the ones in the previous post).

Also to help with my card, I went through my scrap files and cut 100 plus pieces of paper for card backgrounds. Again, sadly you cannot tell I took any paper from the scrap files. Next I will go through the files to pull coordinating solid papers.

I am in a "background paper" swap over at All Things Tim Yahoo group, so I made the background paper today too! (You can see bits of it around the cards above.) Are you part of ATT? If you are are you playing in Allie's background swap? It's actually a 2 part swap. The first part is make the background paper, send it in. Get some paper back, create something with the paper you receive, post the project and then the group will "vote" by leaving comments. The one with the most comments will win. If you are not part of the ATT group and you LOVE Tim, go check it out.

My husband, son and I have been planning on going to see Sherlock Holmes. We made it to the theater today! (As a side note I have to say I do NOT tolerate loud sounds well, it doesn't matter whether it's someone talking, stereo, TV etc. I just can't deal with it as it makes my head hurt and can even trigger a migraine. ) We found seats, munched on popcorn, and waited for the movie to start. The previews started and were so LOUD, I felt the sound in my seat! I took some Excedrin and kept hoping by the time the "real" movie started it would be a little quieter. It wasn't. So within 5 minutes of the start of Sherlock I was gone. I requested a refund, which they gave me with no problems. Now don't think I missed something because I didn't. . .I went shopping at a thrift store that was having a huge sale. . .50% off everything in the store! The check out line was almost as bad as those lines on black Friday, but it moved quickly! I got a few games and some books!

I made it back to the theater with about 45 minutes to spare, so I sat in the van and read in the quiet!!! Life is good! Hope you had a great weekend too! (I'd love to hear about it~ leave a comment. Comments are good!)

Take care, be safe


  1. Wowza, you must have a TON of paper! Nice of you to donate to good causes. We finally have a Goodwill store near here, so I take a lot of stuff there. Unfortunately, after dropping stuff off I have a bad habit of going in to look, and end up with crap to take home. Yikes. Your cards are great, simple but striking. And for a good cause. Love it!

  2. That's really sweet!
    Where in CA are you?
    I'm in OC.