Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The weekend was not a total loss

I had great plans for my weekend! Finish a few projects, clean the studio, enlarge the work area, make an awesome retirement card, work on another project or two and make a blog post or two. In other words, relax and have fun (well, except for the cleaning part).

The weekend started well(on Friday), I cleaned some (I'd show you some "before" pictures, but they are too scary, seriously. lol) and then I finished the 12 Tags of Christmas (remember I made 2 sets). By "finishing", I mean the backsides. If there were staples or brads showing on the back, I inked a 2nd tag and slapped it over the backside, if nothing was showing on the backside, I just inked it. I had a couple fronts on a couple of the 2nd set of tags to finish too, but the fronts were mostly complete.

After I finished the tags, I worked on my 2010 coaster calendar. I made the January page! (August, September, October and November were already completed and December was started.) The snowflakes were created by burning glue and painting! I will go into details some day.

Saturday started bright and early with some more cleaning of the studio (trust me there was/is a LOT to do because during the holiday it is not only my studio but the "junk" room too). Then we made a trip to Home Depot and JoAnn's. My work area has been an oval table which is great, but I "lost" surface area because of the oval. I had been wanting to get a piece of plywood for the top to enlarge the surface area. . .I went from a 40" x 58" oval table

to a 41" x 84" "lopsided" pentagon!

(Oh, and just because the "before" table picture is clean, it doesn't necessarily mean the whole studio was cleaned.)

About the time we got to JoAnn's to buy some felt, I started not feeling the best but managed to get home and finish the table project. The rest of Saturday was shot and I didn't do a whole lot. We rented "Up" from the redbox (for a $1.00) We were really disappointed with the movie but decided we got our money's worth - 75 cents worth was because Max, our golden retriever who rarely barks went crazy and, was barking madly at the TV when the old man was looking through the scrapbook - we were in tears from laughing so much! The other 25 cents worth was when the kid went sliding across the window of the blimp. By Sunday morning, the face was really hurting (something that happens when the barometric pressure drops and just before the migraine starts). I took some Excedrin and a hot steamy shower. Both helped some and I was a little more human! Enough so that I went to see "the Princess and the Frog". Very good movie. . . sorry, I am wandering. Seeing the movie and doing my mom's weekly shopping was all I managed to do on Sunday.

Yesterday my head was still bothering me, luckily I had the day off and was able to sleep most of it. Last night I finished a "project" I had been wanting to do for a long time. . . I FINALLY labeled all my distress inks!!! Now I only have 13 more labels to create but I will wait until the new inks are out otherwise I will lose the labels between now and then. Wait! Why did I say 13 more labels? Do I know something you don't? Nope, I don't. . .well I am sure I know some thing you don't, but not about DI (and I am SURE you know things I don't! lol). If you notice in the picture, there is a label missing. It's the Faded Jean label. No, I didn't forget to print it, just when I started "coloring" the labels, I had a dyslexic moment and alphabetically speaking Fire Brick is just after Faded Jeans. I started with Fire Brick as it was in the first cubby, didn't notice until I was finished with the red that I had jumped up line. Apparently I wasn't feeling as well as I thought.

So, the weekend was not a total loss as I checked a few items off my "to do" list!

Anyway, today my headache was gone and felt more like myself!!!! Hope you had a fabulous start to your week!

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  1. Well, I can see your studio space is a lot cleaner than mine! It gets so overwhelming sometimes I usually just give up. That cruisin' counter you have at the top is really cool! Can you believe it's only 8 months away??? Can't wait!